Equity Release Cheshire

Equity Release is a term used to describe a selection of specialist products for older borrowers aged 55 and over who own their own home.

With Dolphin Financial Limited you can be sure that you are in safe hands as specialist advice is essential in this complex area.

The Home Reversion plan requires you to lose the ownership of your home, or a percentage of it. These plans are not as preferential as the Lifetime Mortgage Plan.


There are conditions that you need to meet before taking out any Equity Release plan:


  • You (and your partner) need to be at least 55 years old.
  • You must own property in the UK.
  • The property must be your main residence.
  • If you have dependents living with you, Equity Release may still be possible.

Cheshire Equity Release

We will discuss options and recommend the appropriate plan for your needs with full explanations in order to assist the decision making process.

Dolphin Financial are directly authorised firm with the financial conduct authority and can give independent advice on a wide range of solutions, to source the right product for you.

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